Friends, water play and working together

Kia Ora whanau! We have had a great couple of weeks in the Caterpillar Room! We have been extremely busy playing in the water, celebrating Tongan and Māori language week, and making new friends! In our room, relationships are always strengthening and over the past two weeks, we have all been working together. We love […]

Exploring the outdoors

Kia Ora Whanau! We’ve had such a nice week in the Caterpillar Room! We are really loving being able to get outside into the sandpit and explore outdoors! Some of the fun we have had this week included dressing up in our cool new dress ups, sneakily finding some rain water in our trough full […]

Sensory play and welcoming Lana

Kia Ora, we have been very busy in the Caterpillar Room these past two weeks. We welcomed a new beautiful teacher. Her name is Lana and the children have absolutely loved getting to know her!! We have been making the most of the sunny weather and exploring lots of sensory play. We have been loving […]

Making the most of being outside

We have had an awesome week this week in the beautiful weather we have been having! We are making the most of being outside and it being warm! This week we have been really interested in our colours and doing lots of climbing and exploring within our environment! We also had a great time today […]

Exploring new squishy shapes and textures

Kia Ora! We have had a very busy couple of weeks in the Caterpillar Room! We’ve been exploring new squishy shapes, exploring a sensory hoop with beads, ribbon and a ley on it and we have been investigating new textures such as baking soda and water, and always reoccurring play dough. We also have been […]

Technical difficulties with email

Kia Ora whanau. We are experiencing a few technical difficulties at the moment and our emails aren’t sending or being received. If you need something urgently please call us on 06 8789886 thank you. We are hoping to have this fixed tomorrow! Sorry for the inconvenience Post 23

Water pipes and pools on the splash pad

We have had a couple of busy weeks here in the Butterfly Room. We have been very interested in water going up and down tubes, making swimming pools on the splash pad and having lots of water fun! We have also been into constructing with blocks and deconstructing with screw drivers. We also have been […]

Worm tea for our gardens

Well we have had a busy week of learning in the Butterfly Room this week. Our room is getting up there with the numbers of children. This week we welcomed Lezhon, Jesse, Yuvraj and Mia into our room full time! We are so excited to have you in our whanau! We have also welcomed some […]

Stories of war with medals and Anzac biscuits

We’ve had an extremely quiet week here in our Butterfly Room as it’s the second week of school holidays. Doesn’t mean we haven’t been having fun though. We’ve had one of our beautiful parents come in and tell us stories of the war and show us some medals, baked Anzac biscuits, welcomed ninja the turtle […]

Jungle animals, muffins and nature frames

We have had an extremely fun past couple of days here in the butterfly room. We’ve been making pictures with nature in frames, and playing with our jungle animals (this has been an interest of ours for a few weeks now). We have also made some banana chocolate chip muffins. The tamariki in our room […]