Friends, water play and working together

Kia Ora whanau! We have had a great couple of weeks in the Caterpillar Room! We have been extremely busy playing in the water, celebrating Tongan and Māori language week, and making new friends! In our room, relationships are always strengthening and over the past two weeks, we have all been working together. We love […]

Exploring the outdoors

Kia Ora Whanau! We’ve had such a nice week in the Caterpillar Room! We are really loving being able to get outside into the sandpit and explore outdoors! Some of the fun we have had this week included dressing up in our cool new dress ups, sneakily finding some rain water in our trough full […]

Sensory play and welcoming Lana

Kia Ora, we have been very busy in the Caterpillar Room these past two weeks. We welcomed a new beautiful teacher. Her name is Lana and the children have absolutely loved getting to know her!! We have been making the most of the sunny weather and exploring lots of sensory play. We have been loving […]

Making the most of being outside

We have had an awesome week this week in the beautiful weather we have been having! We are making the most of being outside and it being warm! This week we have been really interested in our colours and doing lots of climbing and exploring within our environment! We also had a great time today […]

Caterpillar Room new outdoor environment

Our tamariki in the Caterpillar Room have been really enjoying exploring their outdoor environment. We are especially loving our hills it is so much fun to run, crawl and roll up and down them. It is exciting to watch our tamariki gaining confidence and control over their bodies as they explore the world around them. […]

Celebrations, new friends and exciting exploration

What a wonderful week we have had in the Caterpillar Room full of celebrations, new friends and plenty of exciting exploration. Thank you to our Mums, Grandmothers and special friends who joined us for our mothers day morning tea we loved sharing our morning with you. See you all for another fantastic week next week, […]

Exploring our wonderful outdoor environment

What a wonderful week of exploration we have had in the Caterpillar Room. We have enjoyed exploring our wonderful outdoor environment and lots of whanau play and dress ups. We have done lots of singing dancing and music, making music with our Cook Island drums has been great fun. Thursday was an extra special day […]

Embracing the diverse cultures within the Caterpillar room

This week we have been having fun embracing the diverse cultures within the Caterpillar room. We have enjoyed listening to music and stories in different languages, we have showed our wonderful music skills with our new Cook Islands drums and we finished the week off with our green day as we celebrated Saint Patricks day. […]

Exploring our new fairy garden

We had so much fun today in the Caterpillar Room exploring our new fairy garden. We chatted with the lady bugs and explored our willow hut. We even checked the mail box to see if the fairies had left a letter. We are so lucky to have such beautiful outdoor spaces to explore and our […]

Enjoyment out of early literacy

It is amazing to see our babies getting so much enjoyment out of early literacy. We love books in the Caterpillar Room and there is nothing better than sharing a story with friends. Post 52