Celebrating Te Epetoma o Te reo Kuki Airani

What a beautiful week we have had in the Butterfly Room, celebrating Te Epetoma o Te reo Kuki Airani (Cook Islands language week). Our tamariki loved having Luella’s daughters come and show them their beautiful dancing and singing. We were also very lucky to have Mama Nga come to the Butterfly Room and share a Cook Islands story and songs with us. We have enjoyed learning words, phrases and songs in Te reo Kuki Airani. On Friday we enjoyed a beautiful lunch of chop suey, made especially for us to taste by Mama Nga and Nadine. We would like to say a huge thank you to all these special visitors for making our week so enjoyable.
Mou i te kō, mou i te ‘ere, kia pūkuru ō vaevae, ‘ē kia mokorā ō kakī! (You have the tools and skills to prepare you for the future)

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