Caterpillar Room

Rūma Anuhe

Welcome to our Caterpillar room, Rūma Anuhe. In this area we care for babies/toddlers aged 0-2 years.

Children’s individual needs and routines are met so that continuity between home and daycare are maintained.

We have a gated off area for our babies used as a safe environment where they enjoy tummy time and gazing out the window.

We have comfy corners where the children enjoy reading books either on the ground, on very comfy cushions or on the couch catching some sun. There are plenty of resources available and space is definitely not an issue.

The kai area is in full view of what everyone else is doing. Children don’t feel that they are missing out. We have a karakia for kai times. A healthy morning and afternoon tea is provided by the centre.

Stationed in the middle of the room is a boundary exploring fort, this is where children start to develop their gross motor skills. 

Experiences are planned daily, based on children’s interests. These are implemented in a way that children engage freely within the environment. Children are also encouraged to use both indoor and outdoor environments freely.

Once they are ready, they move up into our Chrysalis room, Rūma Raukatauri.

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