Central Hastings Preschool Childcare

Our Philosophy & Values

We provide high quality childcare and education for children and their families. We stimulate the mental, physical and emotional growth of children by providing a wide variety of experiences.

By using the environment, it enables a sense of belonging and grows respect for everything and everybody within the culture of the centre.

  • Whānau / Family
  • Respect
  • Adventure
  • Passion
  • Where connections grow
  • To treat people how you want to be treated
  • To inspire and feed the soul
  • To create magical learning experiences

Our philosophy

We provide a rich and broad curriculum to stimulate the holistic manner in which children learn and develop.

We create a warm, loving and safe environment that reflects our unique natural surroundings.

Our centre management, Kaiako, parents/whanau and community, collaborate, and work as partners with the child at the heart of the matter. (Ko te Tamaiti te Pūtake o te Kaupapa)

Our environment compliments the home, giving children, Kaiako, families/whanau and the community, a sense of belonging. We do this by valuing diverse cultures, languages and identities.

We use the environment to enable children to develop wonderment of and a sense of responsibility for the living world and knowledge of how to care for it and be sustainable.

Our belief is that playing, imagining, inventing and experimenting are valued as meaningful learning experiences.

He taonga te mokopuna, kia whngia, kia tipu, kia rea

A child is a treasure, to be nurtured, to grow, to florish.

Te Whariki (2017)

Whānau involvement

Each child has ownership of their own profile displayed in the child’s room, available for parents to view and contribute to.  We like to encourage family involvement to ensure we have a collaborative approach with the whānau.