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I’ve had a chance to review your ERO report for the centre. I would just like to say what a great result for the centre, especially working through your first year and pushing hard to get the centre up and running as best as it can. I’m sure you’ve had challenges and learnings along the way, however you and your team have done a fantastic job. I have been able to see the positive results and change over the time that Jack has been with the centre. It’s gives Sarah and I confidence that we have Jack in the care of great Management and Teachers.
Keep up the good work =)
Sarah & Gene T
Well done guys. I must say I have never seen a kindergarten that nice it's absolutely the best. Very spacious clean such a friendly staff. We recommend to all the parents out there.
Kiran S
Wow is this your new kura mama? Are those custom bunks with pull down cot sides?? What an awesome idea and what a gorgeous looking centre! I'll have to come visit one day!
Mon W
Thank you all! My kids were calm as anything when I got them which meant you all did a great job at making sure they were well cared for!
Liana S
We are so glad Yuvraj had an awesome first day. Thanks heaps.
Kiran S
Excellent communication from the centre, you all did a great job 👏
Amanda H
Looks like some amazing teachers in the butterfly room 👍
Darryl K
Awesome job you guys! Looking forward to next year.
Lei L
So much fun! Perfect place to spend sunny days 😀
Nicky K
Oh my goodness it's fabulous xx
Suzanne K
This place is awesome 😍❤
Genevieve B
Thanks team uz are amazing xox
Heitiki T
Thanks so much to staff and mokoz for the birthday cake and singing Happy Birthday and for the sneaky photo. To staff you ALL do an amazing job with the children. All The children and parents are real tight knitted. Love this kindy. Such a blessing to be involved with.
Lynette T
Central Hastings Early Learning Centre they are amazing the teachers, the receptionist and the Manager so welcoming every morning and afternoon. My daughter goes there best choice I've made.
Diamond R
Truly Enjoy interacting with the children. ... they all have their own unique characteristics. ... My mornings spent here creating Memories are Priceless💜💛💚
Lynette T
M has loved talking about the pigs and the bus, what an awesome experience for our kids! Thank you so much for organising this for them 😊
Stacey K
All the best Jo. Those kids will be richer for having your input in their lives.
Marion H
Wow 1yr already that's amazing congrats Central Hastings
Talia C
What an amazing looking centre!! Love it!
Ange A
Wow Elke Reichert your new centre looks amazing ❤ miss you!
Helen R
A splash pad...wow. I'll have to come for a play myself!!
Karen S
What!!!!! You lucky things having a splash pad
Elaine K
Such an awesome place Suzanne 👍😊
Gail H
❤ looking amazing
Chloe W
How awesome Jo 😀
Mez H
Central Hastings Early Learning Centre are amazing!!! My daughter is in their caterpillar room and the teachers are lovely.
Kris H
So hard finding the right place for our babies. If I could recommend one it would be the baby room at Central Hastings Early Learning Centre & the baby room teachers honestly love them babies of ours like we do and care about them so much and my daughter had an amazing bond with her main teacher!
Taneka O
Honestly go check this daycare out you will fall in love with it .so much for kids to do & so big.Staff are nice and helpful!I left my boys daycare of 3 years for him to go to this one 🙂
Taneka O
So much fun! Perfect place to spend sunny days 😀
Nicky K
Love you guys. Central Hastings Learning centre is awesome.
Ann L
Looks fantastic, the children look like they are having so much fun
Averil S
What a neat flinstones car. Lovely looking centre!
Shelly F
How gorgeous.... You ladies are real gems love it
Ilze N
What an amazing opportunity Dee - centre looks amazing
Rhondda S
Awww they're so lucky to have you Elke x
Macca M
This place just looks so amazing
Stefanie P
looking gorgeous !!!
Tracey R
Proud of you Luella and family xx
Berry R
Great place for children
Annette B

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