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"Creating magical early learning experiences to help children reach their full potential"

Large open spaces

Natural surroundings enhance our children's learning

Warm, loving & safe

We encourage whānau involvement at every step

Lots to see and do

Our centre is HUGE with lots to explore, both inside and out!

Large open spaces

Central Hastings Early Learning Centre is a brand new preschool located right in the Hastings CBD. It is built on the former grounds of the Hastings Bowling Club which has allowed us to create large open spaces, both inside and out.

By using our natural environment to our advantage, it enables a sense of belonging and grows respect for everything and everybody within the culture of the centre.

Warm, loving
and safe

Our mission at Central Hastings Early Learning Centre is to create magical learning experiences for children and their whānau. We do this by combining the talents of our amazing teachers with our warm, loving, and safe learning environment that compliments the home and reflects our unique natural surroundings. We aim to build confidence in our tamariki, our whānau, our team and our community.

Lots to
see and do!

At Central Hastings Early Learning Centre we provide high quality childcare and education. We stimulate the mental, physical and emotional growth of children by providing a wide variety of experiences.

We endeavour to incorporate new developments in early childhood education into our programmes. This enables our teachers to be at the forefront of children’s learning.

Each child has ownership of their own profile displayed in the child’s room, available for parents to view and contribute to.  We like to encourage family involvement to ensure we have a collaborative approach with the whānau.

early learning experiences

Central Hastings

“I believe it is paramount that tamariki have the natural environment to enable them to explore through active exploration in a safe and secure surrounding.

Central Hastings Early Learning Centre provides a nurturing environment by promoting an atmosphere with happiness and emotional satisfaction. 

Communication amongst whānau and educators is vital to ensure a smooth transition from the tamariki’s home to their early childhood environment.”

Jo Dawson, Centre Leader

Whānau testimonials

A great place
to grow

Built in 2017, Central Hastings Early Learning Centre is brand new with modern facilities. We have a huge range of resources and activities. We’d love to show you around.

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