Butterfly Room

Rūma Pūrerehua

Welcome to the Butterfly room. This area is designed for children aged from 3 to 5 years based on their comfort, needs and development.

Children’s needs and routines will be individually met so that continuity between home and day care is kept at maximum levels throughout the day and will include a variety of play based learning.

In this room children are able to explore through play while learning skills of every day life. There are a lot of resources and spaces available. Children can explore both indoor and outdoor and will do so freely, competently and safely. Educational experiences are planned and will be implemented in a sense that will engage each individual.

A healthy rolling morning/afternoon tea is provided, as some children’s needs are different. Children will have supervised access to the refrigerator which will contain their lunch boxes, this gives them a sense of responsibility and manaakitanga (caring) for their belongings.

Experiences are planned daily and we will be incorporating a school readiness programme to support the children who will be heading off to school.